Solo Beverages Annual Mother’s Day Spectacular

Saturday 4th May 2019
at the
Centre Pointe Mall Auditorium
at 8.00pm

Mother's Day Spectacular 2019

Heads Cast For The

The producers of the Solo Beverages Annual Mother’s Day Spectacular are pleased to announce an exciting new and expanded show for 2019, on Saturday 4th May at the Centre Pointe Mall Auditorium at 8.00pm. (The show is being held the week before Mothers Day due to the impending start of the Holy Month of Ramadan.) After missing out last year due to a foreign engagement, Neval returns to the cast. The energetic and highly creative duo of Neval Chatelal and Nishard M by public demand ,will once again lead a very powerful team of local artistes with a tinge of Caribbean flavor. This year, the very talented former Chutney Monarch KI will join the cast in a major role.

The show this year is going to be special in many respects- Both Neval and Nishard are already planning something different and unique- full of entertainment value and quality singing.. The very popular KI with his band with added musicians to give an Orchestra effect will provide music. Musical Direction will be by the veteran Virendra Persad, Virendra is one of our finest and fastest keyboard players in our country. Many may remember, one of the early winners of Mastana Bahar. He has recorded more than one hundred albums with many of our leading singers like Anil Bheem, Yankaran Brothers, Kanchan and Babla to mention a few.

This year, a unique Caribbean flavor will be added. One of the most celebrated Guyanese artistes BEN PARAG who now resides in New York/ India and who is fresh from a stint on Indian Television on the popular reality tv show Dil Hai Hindustani will make a guest appearance. Richmond Hill native Ben Parag recently became a household name after taking part in an Indian talent show and will now perform at the York College Performing Arts Center in Jamaica on Nov. 11.

Parag was born to Guyanese immigrant parents in the United States. Recently, he flew to India to compete on the talent show Dil Hai Hindustani, a TV show that is similar to American Idol.

His romantic ballads and presence reportedly impressed judges, but he did not win the top prize on the show. However, his popularity and talent is propelling him to stardom as he is now forging ahead with a career singing in Bollywood movies. He was the first American to compete on the show and finished in the top six.

Last spring, Parag left his native New York for India to compete on the Indian show at the age of 19. Parag’s was trained under the tutelage of Kinnar and Payal Seen and the two traveled with him to India to compete in the talent show. His hopes were to receive enough attention to launch a music career.

When speaking to the PRESS of Southeast Queens in April, Parag said that he felt as if destiny was making him gravitate toward India. He said that his experience in the land of his grandparents gave him confidence to follow wherever his talent might take him.

Parag moved to Bombay in May to pursue a full-time career in Bollywood. He planned to be a Bollywood playback singer—the voice to which Bollywood actors lip sync in the movies.

If that is not enough, the produces, have added Attorney at law Rishi Nowbutt, Reshma Ramlal and the Grand Daughter of the late Jameer Hosein Karishma Dowtal, as we seek to introduce some new fresh talent to the National stage.

The produces recognizes the economic conditions we are now facing but knows that our audiences are always looking for quality local entertainment, well presented in a comfortable and secure environment . Tickets will go on sale soon, Please visit the website or call 638 1171 for reservations and information.

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