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Bhola Persad


Bhola Persad

One of the island’s leading singers, who sang with Naya Zamana was Bhola Persad. He was one of our truly brilliant singers who sang with ease and facility. The soft and effortless manner of his singing entitled him to be called the local Mukesh as these were the qualities which the eminent playback singer of the Indian films possessed.

Bhola first began singing at the age of 12 in the forties. He was talented and was recognised as the leading boy singer of the day. When he joined Naya Zamana the quality of his singing improved greatly and for a time he was the most popular singer on the side.

When Naya Zamana made a cultural tour of B.G. in 1960 he made a great impact on audiences there and on his return to Trinidad he stood at the peak of his singing career.

Persistent ill health forced him to retire from singing and it was a great blow to Indian music when Bhola died in 1967. He will long be remembered for the record he made of Mukesh’s “Koie kisee ka pyar” a gem to be treasured.