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Harry Lutchman Tassa Group


Music lover Harry Lutchman was born at Lower Don Miguel Road, San Juan in the year 1931. From the tender age often, he developed an affinity for and began playing the Tassa Drum. His skill was evident and within a few years, he mastered the art of composing various beats on his favourite instrument.

Harry formed the Harry Lutchman Tassa Group about forty years ago and went on to achieve great honours. His was the first Tassa group to perform live on Mastana Baharreaching the finals in 1976.

The group also placed first in the Indian Cultural Pageant for three consecutive years. During his lifetime, The Harry Lutchman Tassa Group performed in several foreign countries, including America, Cuba, Mexico and Puerto Rico.

One memorable moment came when the group got the opportunity to perform for the Queen of England.

Harry Lutchman married the love of his life Bhagmaniya and had 11 children – 6 sons and 5 daughters. Sadly, Harry passed away in 1998. Although he is no longer with us in body, his name and memory lingers on.