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Sham Mohammed



Sham Mohammed

Sham Mohammed was a barrister-at-law who attended Gray’s Inn. Sham has made an invaluable contribution in the cultural field in Trinidad and Tobago. His broadcasting experience goes back to the early 1950‘s, when he began conducting Indian Programmes over Radio Trinidad. While a student of Law, Philosophy and Economics, he did some three years broadcasting with the world famous B.B.C. of London.

Very versatile in outlook, Sham has more than twenty-five years of solid broadcasting experience behind him. Has also excelled in the fields of sports, stage acting, agriculture, religion, politics and literature. Over the years he has produced and edited several religious and cultural magazines.

Endowed with deep foresight, high native intellect and a rich and resonant voice, Sham has been responsible for the establishment of ttt‘s historic and extremely popular television programme, Mastana Bahar, as well as, the Annual Indian Cultural Pageant. Undoubtedly lays claim to having made one of the most significant contributions towards the unearthing of talent from every stratum of the cosmopolitical society of Trinidad and Toabgo.

Saturday 21st May,1994 will be remembered as a sad day for lovers of local culture as we awoke to the shocking news of the death of this cultural icon Sham Mohammed, who died quite suddenly sending shockwaves to the national and international community.

At the time of his death, Sham was member of Parliament for the Caroni East Constituency having won that seat on a United National Congress Ticket. Sham will always be remembered for his sterling contribution to Culture, Politics, sports and community service.