Mastana Bahar

The following contestants have been selected to appear in the 2017 Mastana Bahar Grand Final Competition :-

  1. Sita Sonnylal
  2. Neera Harripersad
  3. Sabrina Ramlakhan
  4. Badri Nath
  5. Stein Ramkaran
  6. Narindra Ramdular
  7. Nazim Hosein
  8. Kishan Bhimull
  9. Simone’s Dance Academy
  10. Dion Dookie
  11. Anastasia Salickram
  12. Shellina Juliana Mohammed
  13. Sudesh Rampersad

This programme will be recorded on Thursday 2nd November, 2017 from 5:30pm at The Rampersad Brothers Ranch, Raju Trace, San Francique Village in Penal.

The jackpot for the popular Pick-A-Pan contest will be $2,150.00 cash sponsored by The National Flour Mills. Music will be provided by The Rampersad Brothers Orchestra of Penal. The recording session is free to the public and there will be many giveaways.

For more information please visit or call 797-4690.
Khayal Mohammed – Producer
Mastana Bahar Productions